Filtering Things by Area

I happened across this twitter thread when I was about to suggest to Cultured Code that they allow filtering by Area in their Things app. As it turns out, there is a way: Well, you can tag the area, and then all its children will inherit the tag automatically. Then you can filter Today/Upcoming/Anytime/Someday by […]

Posting Anything from Anywhere

Back when I was trying to make The Daily Newarker happen (which went about as successfully as trying to make “fetch” happen), I was trying to find clever ways to fit writing for the internet into the interstices of the day. In 2008, my “smartphone” was a Blackberry Pearl 8100. Laughable by today’s standards, sure, […]

Apple Form Factors

M.G. Siegler is revisiting the idea of an iPhone mini: It’s sort of amazing for a few reasons, actually. First, ever since the dawn of the original iPhone, people have been clamoring for an “iPhone mini” or “iPhone nano”. This, despite that fact that looking at it now, that original iPhone is tiny. A 3.5-inch […]